Tailored Dance Programs For Kids

Start The New School Year With CubeSport’s New Dance Education Program! This Program Was Created To Support A Child’s Physical, Emotional & Social Development. 

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Use Physical Activity To Teach The Children Key Values For Their Lives

About Our Dance Classes

We deliver tailored dance programs to primary schools, vacation care & ELCs! Our dancing classes include Zumba, Hip Hop & Street Dance and use physical activity to teach children key values for their lives!

Dancing classes can improve a child’s physical, mental, and emotional health while growing their social skills. They won’t even notice that they’re learning. They’ll be too busy having fun dancing!

Other Programs We Offer

At CUBE SPORTS we offer a diverse range of programs to ensure we can cater for your school, ELC centre or after school/ vacation care. 

What Makes Us Unique?

We love running sport, dance, and first aid programs for children. But rather than a one-dimensional approach focused solely on the program, we choose to develop multiple facets of the child’s growth. We build character development, respect, accountability, teamwork, and kindness into the delivery of each program – thats why we’re called Cube Sports.

Our Process Is Simple

1. You Book A Program

2. We Send In Our Staff

3. We Deliver The Program

4. We Get Your Feedback

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